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Allen BrothersLog Cabin and Allen Brothers:
Generations of Great Steak

Aged to perfectionWe are proud to be working closely with the Rigopoulos Family of Log Cabin Steakhouse in bringing its customer a great steak experience that draws on Allen Brothers’ time-honored, Old World methods for quality and selectivity. As the country’s leading steak purveyor for over 120 years. We’ve put valuable expertise to work in helping Log Cabin Steakhouse create truly great steaks with a difference you can see and taste. You’ll discover that difference in the color of the meat, its exceptional tenderness, rich marbling and sweet, beefy flavor. Expertly aged by Allen Brothers’ unique, patented process, this hand-picked beef begins with the most superior breeds of cattle from select regions of the Midwest, home to the finest cattle-raising land in the world.

Other hallmarks of Allen Brothers quality you should know about include:

Log Cabin Steakhouse and Allen Brothers… we welcome you to taste and enjoy the difference.

Todd Hatoff
President & CEO
Allen Brothers Inc

Current Hours: Monday-Tuesday closed
Wednesday-Sunday open at 4pm
to satisfy your cravings indoor dining, curbside and delivery.
To make a reservation, please contact us at 815-777-0393.
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